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Rock & Roll Love Machine: A Singles Night
Fri, May 24 Show: 7:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Welcome to Rock & Roll Love Machine - a very nice singles night where we invite a bunch of eligible people of all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds to a cool venue to just hang out, listen to some music, and see what happens. This is a pretty hands-off event. No trivia games, etc. 
How does it work? When you show up you’ll grab a name tag at our check-in station then just head on in to enjoy your night.
“Wait, I’m painfully awkward and don’t know how to mingle.” - It’s ok! Feel free to bring a wingperson or grab a list of icebreakers from us.
“What if I don’t have a wingperson?” - We will have volunteers who can help with introductions. Our own little band of Cupids.
“What if I’m non-monogamous? Can I attend?” -Yep! We may update in this future if we think there needs to be a separate event for ENM folk.
“Is this LGBTQ+ friendly?” - Yep! We may update in this future if we think there needs to be a separate LGBTQ-focused event.
Ground rules:
Don’t be a creep. Be respectful, harassment won’t be tolerated.
Be safe, take proper precautions, we are hosting the night but everything else is all you. With that being said, please drink responsibly. If you need us to call you an Uber - we will. If you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe - please let a bartender know and they’ll loop us in. The most important thing is have fun!

After the event, stick around for This Must Be The Place: New Wave Night. Free admission for anyone who attended Rock & Roll Love Machine and hopefuly made a match! 

Rock & Roll Love Machine